Pet Partners (formerly Delta Society)
·     Established 1997 in Portland
·     First credible research in health and the human animal relationship
·     Established Pet Partner Program 1990
·     Developed Standards of Practice 1992
·     Founding Member of International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations 1992
Pet Partners Mission and Goals
·     Mission
o    Improving human health through service and therapy animals
·     Goals
o    Expand awareness of the positive effect animals can have on human health and development
o    Remove barriers that prevent involvement of animals
o    Expand the therapeutic and service role of animals in human health, service, and education
Benefits of Pet Partner Registration
·     Identification Badge
·     Tag for Animal
·     Interactions Magazine
·     Coverage under Delta’s Liability Insurance
About OCTA
·     Founded in 2004
·     Incorporated 501c3 organization
·     100% volunteer organization
·     50 plus members
·     14 plus Pet Partner Teams
·     Affiliate of Pet Partners (formerly Delta Society)
·     Bound by the rules and guidelines of Pet Partners
·     Receive support and materials from Pet Partners
·     Covered by Pet Partners’s Liability Insurance

 Bringing comfort & healing to those in need through the miracle of the human-animal bond.

What do we do?

·     Train handlers, supervise and coordinate skilled handler/animal teams for Animal-Assisted Activity
·     Establish visitation agreements and coordinate with local facilities

· AAA (Animal-Assisted Activity)
·      Enhances  quality of life for our clients
·      Performed in a variety of environments
·      Has no specific reatment goals; no notes; spontaneous visit content
·     Examples: Nursing homes; delinquent teens; shelters for victims of abuse
 AAT (Animal-Assisted Therapy)
·     Improvement of human physical, social emotion, intellectual functions
·     Performed in a specific environment; close supervision with trained professional
·     Progress is documented; specific goals

·     Examples: child having difficulty with motor development skills (manipulating buckles on leash & collar or an animal carrier,opening animal food  containers, using a brush); people recovering from strokes
Some of the facilities we visit
·     My Sister’s Place
·     Samaritan House
·     Juvenile Shelter
·     Bayside Assisted Living
·     Sea Aire Assisted Living
·     OlallaCenter
·     Toledo Elementary School
·     Pacific Communities Hospital in Newport

·     Yaquina View School Life Skills Class

Fresenius Medical Care

·     Samaritian North Lincoln Hospital in Lincoln City
·     DA’s Office  
·     Lincoln County Jail  
·     Siletz Library

Becoming a Pet Partner Team
·     Visit Pet Partners web page ( and complete Handler's classes (see Upcoming Events)
·     Pass the Evaluation (see Upcoming Events)
·     Join OCTA and Delta

Characteristics required for Pet Partner Teams
·     Animal is reliable; predictable; controllable-has good basic obedience skills
·     Animal solicits interaction with people; not reactive to differences in appearance and behavior (use of medical equipment, hats, beards, glasses)
·     Animal exhibits relaxed body posture; eye contact; relaxed facial expression
·     Animal is more people-oriented than animal-oriented
·     Exhibits appropriate responses to petting; touching; hugging
·     Animal reliable around people speaking loudly, moving clumsily, clapping  
·     Exhibits appropriate reaction when approached from the rear  
·    Animal is comfortable on various types of flooring  
·    Animal exhibits confidence in new settings  
·    Animal is outgoing; friendly 
·     Handler is relaxed, confident, attentive to animal & animal's interactions, social with strangers, able to facilitate animal's interactions

Commitment Required
·     Financial
o    Membership Fees (OCTA & Delta)
o    Manual Purchase
o    Evaluation Fee
o    Veterinary Fee
o    Finger printing and background check fee
o    OCTA uniform
·     Time
o    Preparation and training
o    Field work
o    OCTA meetings and activities
·    Benefits Fellowship of belonging to a professional organization
·     Giving back to the community
·     Recognition
·     The smiles and tears on the faces of those you touch
Next Steps
·     Attend Handler's classes (see Upcoming Events)
·     Train and Practice
·     Help is available if you want it
·     Pass evaluation  (see Upcoming Events) and Join OCTA and Delta
Becoming an OCTA Member
·     Individual-$25
·     Family/Household-$35
·     Youth-Student $10 ages 10-18
·     Scholarship (on individual basis)
Pet Partner Fees
·     Handler's Class - varies
·     Evaluation $25
·     Pet Partner Membership (see for updated fee information)
o    Handler with one Animal $65
o    Delta Affiliate Member $50
o    Additional animal $20
o    Additional person $30
o    Volunteer without animal $40
o    Handler with a Disability or 55+ $40

Oregon Coast Therapy Animals, P.O. Box 335, Newport, OR  97365

(541) 270-3339

 Pet Partners Affiliate #23518